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Blends • Lucky Blend


Country: Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia
Producer: Various
Process: Washed and Natural

Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Sweet, Strawberry Jam, Milk Chocolate

This blend is one of our most infamous at our shops. Most popular on espresso, we often love using this on drip coffee as well. The perfect cup of espresso or coffee for your pour-over, or even your mocha pot. This coffee is so versatile with a variety of coffees like a natural Ethiopia and Brazil combined with an our washed Guatemala blend, it is truly a balanced cup of coffee. 

If you're looking for a blend that is not too acidic or on the fruity side, but also has a great balance of body and just enough chocolate tasting notes, this is the blend for you. A great blend to try out if you want to explore something other than our single origins!

Best Brew: Espresso, Drip Coffee, MochaPot, French Press, Pour-Over